About us

We´re living in a small village next to Karlsruhe in

the south of Germany, only 15 minutes away from Heidelberg.

My hobby - meaning the exclusive

caseconstructions - has started in 2001.

We are also breeding a very rare cat, the "chartreux",

more information under www.chartreux.info.

The projects I am planning (and my wife accepts) are completely

selfmade and it was always a hard work to solve two problems in one

solution: a case that can be shown and has not to be

hided under a table in a dark corner.

Another problem of the current PCs is "noise". Aircooled PCs make

a lot of noise and so all my CaseCons are based on a new cooling

system with water. I tried also some other methods like compressor-cooling

but this method is as loud as aircooling and so I build up my cases

with this silence method and I use parts from my special company

in Germany : www.aqua-computer.de.

I am also a fan of "online-gaming" and against my nature I love

to play several World-War Simulations with my friends online.

Since 2 years we have also many friends from all parts of Germany

here for having fun with our favourite Games on the Computer.

These "LAN-Parties" happens 2 times a year and are a special

attraction for all of us. Visit us at www.csc-lan.de for news around

this great and and really funny hobby.

What else can I tell you about me ? I have studied the

great job of a building and construction engineer

(theme : IT re-engineering based on a Management Information System)

and made a second diploma in software (special theme : viruses)

and I am working at a great building & construction firm as

the IT and Controlling CIO.

So we are living here all together, means me, my wife Nadine,

our cats Tom, Jerry, Baileys, Gina and Rocky and it would be a

pleasure to welcome you one day in our home....

We want to thank you all friends and fans of the projects

for the idea to make this special and hopefully interesting site.

Bruchsal, 11.04.2004