Project 2003 - The "Grizzly Mod"

once upon a time, somewhere in a dark serverroom...

One day I asked myself "why should a server looks like a big metall and plastic trash container and sounds like a hoover 24h a day ?" and this was the day of starting to think about an exclusive and impressive Servercase. In the beginning I never thought that a servercase like the one I am planning now is something really special but by the time I had so many ideas and wishes to the case that you can´t imagine how difficult it was to solve all the problems and build something that I will call "a perfect place for my hardware".

So now let me introduce you the servercase within called "Grizzly Mod 2003"

Hardware Specifiations :

Motherboard : Abit IC7 Max3

CPU : Pentium IV 3,2 GHZ Extreme Edition

Memory : 1 GB PC3200 Corsair TWINX LL

Harddisks : 6 x U320 Seagate Cheetah 75 GB 15.000 U/min

Harddisks : 2 x U160 Seagate 34 GB 15.0000 U/min

Harddisks : 4 x Seagate Barracuda V 120 GB 7.200 U/min

Graphics : Genuine BBA All-in-Wonder 9800 pro

Sound : Soundblaster Live! 5.1

Controller : Adaptec 29160 / Adaptec 29320

Case Specifications :

Weight : 110 kg

Height : 1,15 m

Length : 78 cm

Witdh : 44 cm

Liquid : 30 Liters

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