Project 2005 - 11th commandment

For this mod, I asked my stepfather (he´s a pastor)

if this theme would make some people angry and

they would call me a blasphemer.

He answered "if god uses windows, this could

be his answer" and laughed.

That´s why I created this mod.

It´s "hard" to combine our religious conviction

and a thing like a computer together.

But THIS is my answer...

Aquasphere is a sponsored mod from

Hardware Specifiations :

Motherboard : Asus P5WD Premium

CPU : Intel P4 Dual Core 3,2 GHZ

Memory : 2 GB OCZ DDR2 800 / PC 6400

Harddisks : 2 x 2,5" Seagate Savvio SCSI 75 GB  

Graphics : Asus GeForce GFX7800 Extreme Edition

Case Specifications :

Weight : ~ 35 kg

Height : ~ 0,65 m

Length : ~ 0,42 m

Width : ~ 0,19 m

Liquid : ~ 1 Liter

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